Different Types of Swimsuit to Wear and Flaunt Your Shapes

The summers have come in and it is the perfect season to enjoy beach holidays and pool parties with your gang. If you are planning to enjoy a beach or pool party, then it’s time to look for a bathing suit. Swimsuits are all about flaunting your curves. There are many different types of swimwear available in the market. Choosing the right one is very important if you wish to show off your shape.

Swimsuits are available in many different sizes and styles. The plus-sized women also have multiple options, with special designs to hide their bulges or big busts. So, every single woman out there can confidently go out in swimwear and flaunt their curves.

Different Types of Swimsuit

To help you make a choice, here is a list of different types of trending swimsuits that one can wear and flaunt their shape.

Different Types of Swimsuit

  1. One Piece Swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit is a forever trending style loved by most women. This style of swimwear gives you a vintage look. It suits almost all body types and can be used for multiple occasions. If you want to look sexy but not show much of your skin, then a one-piece swimsuit is what you need. This swimsuit suits the busty women too.

Body type it suits: The one-piece swimsuit is best for the women who have a curvy body or the ones who wish to hide their bulging tummies. For the curvy girls, the focus must be on coverage. They can go for the suits which have a deep neckline. The curvy ones should avoid the boat or closed neckline one-piece swimwear. Monotone swimsuits in deeper shades are most suitable for curvy women. They should avoid shorts or string bottoms.

Patterns in Trend: neckline of the sheer net, fringes, dainty prints, color blocks are some of the trending styles in the one-piece swimsuits.

Fabrics: two fabrics that flatter the curves perfectly are polyamide and lycra spandex.

Best Brands: Flirtatious, Amante, Prettysecrets, Estonished are some brands you can go for when buying a one-piece swimsuit.

  1. Skirtini

This type of swimsuit gives the girls a cute look. It is a perfect wear for a pool party. This is a short and sexy swimsuit that comes in two pieces. The bottom is in the shape of a skirt and covers up your thighs and hip. People who are not comfortable wearing bikini bottoms which are quite exposing can always go for a skirtini. The skirts come in different lengths, so, you can choose how much of the thighs you wish to cover. Some one-piece suits also come with a bottom in the shape of the skirt, looking more like a dress. Some skirts are flowy and require you to wear shorts underneath. Women with love handles can buy high waist skirts to cover up.

Body type suits this type of swimwear suits the women who have a pear-shaped body. If you have bigger and wider thighs, then this skirtini covers just the right amount of your thighs making it look slender. It even accentuates the hip area.

Patterns in Trend: ruffled, polka dots, A-line skirts, mesh neckline, tribal pattern are some of the trending styles in skirtinis.

Fabrics: some flaunting, as well as comfortable fabrics, are rayon, spandex, polyester, polyamide.

Best Brands: The Beach Company, Pretty secrets, Kinara


  1. Bikini

These are the two-piece swimsuits that come in various styles and for different body shapes. These are perfect for beach holidays. Bikinis also remain to be in trend since forever. Various types of bikinis are monokini, trikini, microkini, tankini, skirtini, bandeaukini.

Body type it suits: monokinis are suitable for rectangular shaped women or the curvy ones. Hourglass figures look good in trikinis, apple shapes look good in tankinis, mid-bust women should go for a bandeaukini.

Patterns in Trend: fringes, ruffles, cut-outs, Boho prints, tie-dye prints, neon colors are some of the trending styles in bikinis.

Fabrics: bikinis come in different materials like cotton, nylon, polyester, and lycra which are very comfortable to wear.

Best Brands: Prettysecrets, N-gal, Dorothy Perkins are popular brands selling bikinis.


  1. Tankini

A type of bikini, this swimsuit comes in two pieces with a tank top and a bikini bottom. This style is preferred by women who want to hide their tummies and is usually seen on the middle-aged women. A tankini is suitable for all occasions like beach holidays, pool parties. It looks best with strings that make your shoulders look small. Focus on the lower part of the top when buying.

Body type it suits: if you have an apple-shaped body then a tankini is the swimsuit that will flaunt your curves perfectly. A V-neck tankini top will make the waist region look slim. Ruffles, horizontal prints, and embellishments are to be avoided for women who have a big bust.

Patterns in Trend: dark shades of a top with high waist bottoms, floral prints, Peplum tankini are the trending styles.  

Fabrics: tankinis are available in a combination of cotton and spandex, nylon and lycra, nylon and elastane that gives a sexy look.

Best Brands: Caprice, Prettysecrets, and Amante are known for their tankini sets.


  1. Swimdress

As the name suggests it is a swimsuit in the shape of a dress. This is a one-piece suit that has a flowy bottom. A swimdress makes you look elegant, covering up the entire body and yet flaunting the shape perfectly. Always focus on the neckline while buying this swimsuit. A V-neck is the preferred one.

Body type it suits a swimdress best suits the women who have a heavy and wide bottom. Pear-shaped women can choose this style as it perfect for flaunting the curves in such women.

Patterns in Trend: V-neck, halter neck and the tops with the racerback design are the popular ones in a swim dress.

Fabrics: polyamide, spandex, and nylon are the best materials for a swim dress.

Best Brands: Prettysecrets, Aquamagica, Penny make some great swim dresses.


  1. Legsuit

This swimsuit is perfect for water sports or swimming. It is a figure-hugging suit that provides comfort during aqua aerobics or swimming. This type of swimsuit accentuates the shape of your legs as it sits tightly on your legs. These are one-piece suits with varying lengths of the suit. Some end high above the knees, some go down to cover the entire leg. Women having an hourglass figure should always go for halter necks if buying a legsuit.

Body type suits: women having long legs can always go for this suit and show off their perfectly shaped legs. Hourglass-shaped women look best in this type of swimsuit.

Patterns in Trend: solid color suit, racer style back, cross back, halter necks are popular styles in a legsuit.

Fabrics: Elastane, spandex, polyester, nylon are best for leg suits.

Best Brands: Penny, Aqua, Slazenger, Speedo are some popular brands for legsuits.


  1. Three-Piece Swimsuit

This swimsuit is perfect for women who do not want to show any skin. It is a unique swimsuit that covers you up completely and also does a good job of flaunting the figure. This innovative design is suitable for most body types.

Body type it suits: women of any shape will look modest in this three-piece swimsuit. Sarong style can be worn by women having fuller thighs. Kaftan is another style suitable for round or apple-shaped women.

Patterns in Trend: you can go for floral prints, Boho prints or the polka-dotted ones in a three-piece swimsuit.

Fabrics: It is available in polyamide, spandex, and polyester.

Best Brands: Fascinatinglingerie, N-gal, and Prettysecrets have some of the best three-piece swimsuits that you can buy.


  1. Burkini

This is a unique swimsuit that completely covers up the body from head to toe. It was designed especially for the women belonging to the Muslim community, but now it has become a trend among women of all other communities also. If you are looking forward to spending long hours on the beach and don’t want to tan your skin then a burkini can be your best option.

Body type it suits all body types.

Patterns in Trend:  solid colors, polka dots or prints are trendy.

Fabrics: Poly knit, Italian polyamide and fabrics, spandex, polyester are commonly used in making a burkini.

Best Brands: Speedo is the brand famous for selling burkinis.



The list above contains some of the commonly bought and trending styles of swimsuits. There are many other options also like the top-bottom set, the bandeau swimsuit, ruffle swimsuit, and the sling swimsuit which do a great job in flaunting the shape. You need to know your body type well and accordingly purchase a swimsuit which accentuates your figure.