All You Need to Know before Buying Shapewear for Muffin Top & Love Handles

The proper shape of the body makes women look much more beautiful and attractive. And you would obviously desire to have your clothes fitted in a flattery manner when you have a curved shape body. Well, perfect shapewear is the best and the only option that can shape your body a bit better. Though there are plenty of undergarments that can make you hide your muffin top and love handles, shapewear does their job best. So, just buy them and start taking their advantage to control your tummy, love handles, and muffin top.

Well, they might look cute when you are naked, but certain attires makes them look weird at the same time. And you would desire to have a secret helper like perfect shapewear in these situations to shape your body. A large number of women with lower belly pooch pad their extra fat on hips and waist to compress the love handles.

All You Need to Know before Buying Shapewear for Muffin Top & Love Handles

So, if you are searching for a thing that can control lumps and bumps in your lower stomach, shapewear is the solution key. It will make things different for you, the tighter clothes will shape your body perfectly, hiding all your muffin tops and love handles. Well, people get confused between the muffin top and love handles, but there is a bit difference between them. So, before we move further, let’s just first clear this confusion.

Are Muffin Tops and Love Handles the same thing?

A fat that widens up horizontally over the edges of the waistline that gets visible when there is a gap between your upper and lower garments. A bit flesh you start having at your sides or under your belly button are the muffin tops that start building up. They are all way around your body and appear when you wear skinny bottom wear. Well, these muffin tops are the guest not only for fatty people, but skinny people can also face them. And they get highlighted in the slim fit clothes.

Love handles are also another irritating thing that most people face and one of the hardest places to lose weight. Love handle is that fat that hangs over the backside of your bottom wear. Muffin tops are the overhanging skin that is caused by your waistline, and on the other hand, love handles are the result of skin widening from the hips that are formed below the waistline.

So, this is the basic difference between the two. I hope your confusion is cleared now, and you know the difference between the two. So, now let’s just come back to our main guide. Well, as I have discussed above, this widening fat sometimes looks cute when they are naked. But they just destroy the fun of wearing tight dresses especially when you have to meet a special person in your life.

How do you Hide a Muffin Top in a Tight Dress?

So, if you are searching for a solution to hide a muffin top in a tight dress, you have landed the right place. Here we are going to share some of the best shapewear to hide muffin top and love handles and other ways that can help you to get rid of it.

Shapewear You Can Buy to Hide the Muffin Top

 1.Squeem “Body Allure” Women’s Tummy Control Mid Thigh Shorts

It is basic fashion shapewear that you can get online as well as on any store is an effective piece that can easily beat your love handles and muffin tops. One can wear it every day getting full comfort and convenience. So, add it to your wardrobe and use it daily to get the proper shape.


Well, when I saw this brand’s name, I had blindly picked up this option for you. This brand always satisfies its users with its products providing the best features and best material. After wearing the shapewear of this brand, you will get the stylish curves and smooth look. Well, it will not only shape your heavy areas, but it will also provide you proper comfort, convenience, and flexibility while you move. We can assure you that you will this product will deliver your overall firm control. The complete full coverage will be done without any lines getting visible. Your breast will get complete support, and the seamless softly lined cups. The material is so soft and comfortable that you never feel any convenience.


Another amazing shapewear that can moderately lift your breast and slims your waistline is Squeem Perfect Waist Contouring Cincher. It will make your body curves look smooth and flatter. No matter whatever body type you have, this product will fit you and will make you look much attractive. So, since you are searching for the best shapewear for your muffin tops, it would surely be the best option for you because it will elongate the midsection of your muffin tops. Well, it not only contributes to shaping your increased fat, but it also provides proper support along with enhancing body posture.

Well, we believe that anybody’s product is useless unless it provides proper body support because if you are not comfortable after wearing it, it can never satisfy you with its results. That is why we have taken care of the quality along with shaping features. And this product will surely satisfy you.

The material used for manufacturing this shapewear is also very convenient. The brand’s intelligent fabric is used in this product that helps in molding the body curves. The triple-layered cotton lining contributes to providing superior support to your body. You will surely feel relaxed and comfortable after wearing them.


And now the last option in the list of best shapewear is FLEXEES WOMEN’S FAT FREE DRESSING HI-WAIST BOYSHORT. Well, the best part about Flexees is its wide collection of fabric supporting the excellent creation features to provide fit and firm control. The high-waist designing of this product will form a sleek and smooth line from your waist to your upper thighs. Well, of course, a suitable fabric is used in designing this shapewear that prevents moisture as well as sweat from your body. So, you will not only feel comfortable and flexible, but it will also provide you proper coolness throughout the time you will wear.

So, guys, these are some of the best shapewear that will surely help you to hide your muffin tops in your tight dresses. So, no matter, however, your body structure is, you will surely look attractive with perfect body shape after using one of these shapewear.

Does Spanx work for muffin top?

Well, you might have also heard about the Spanx that also works to provide proper shape to your body. Well, it is a kind of product manufactured almost for every body type. It can be used to target different areas of the body to provide full support. Though Spanx can help you hide and shape your increased fat, if you are searching for a wide range of options, you must go for different shapewear. We have already shared some of the best options of shapewear so you can go through their reviews and can find the one that suits you.

Does Shapewear Hide Love Handles?

Well, these shapewear will not only help you hiding your muffin tops, but they will also help you to hide your love handles and tummy control. So, you can use them without worry because once you will use the best shapewear, you will surely get rid of all your widened fat from all the areas of your body. The shapewear is a very useful product who is annoyed by their increased fat.

How do I Look Good with Love Handles?

If you are upset with your love handles, you don’t need to worry about it anymore because its time to enjoy them. Not every increased fat comes to disturb your body shape because now you have an end number of solutions that will make you enjoy these muffin tops and love handles. You just need to invest a bit in a proper body shaper like Spanx or shapewear that can shape your body providing full convenience.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, this is the complete guide on the things you need to know before buying shapewear for muffin top. Well, we hope this guide was helpful for you guys. We have covered all the main points that we think our visitor should know about. We hope now all your doubts and queries are solved after reading this article. We have tried to cover almost everything we felt important. So, now we would sum up this article here, but if you are still searching for more stuff, you can feel free to ask us. Thank You.